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Certified Professional Photographer

September 05, 2014  •  1 Comment

Certified Professional Photographer

Monika Cheang, Certified Professional Photographer

I am pleased to announce that I just completed the Certification by the Professional Photographer's Association!  This has been a two year long process for me, of learning and growing to earn the title, professional photographer.  Coming from a completely different field with a Master's in Counseling, I was not sure where to look for a formal, structured education in developing my skills in a completely new line of work.  So, I discovered, that, unlike a counselor, who has to have a certification in order to practice counseling, a photographer does not necessarily need a certification to call themselves a professional photographer.

I have always had an intuitive sense for photography, wonderful equipment, amazing mentors, and the time to teach myself new skills online.  But, I was personally challenged and driven to complete the certification, having come from a higher standard of professional practice.  I wanted to provide the best and highest level of product for my clients and earn the title to call myself a professional photographer.  

The Process

The process of becoming certified is divided into two parts.  The first part is the written exam, which includes questions that are relevant to professional photography today.  The second part is a portfolio review of submitted images and judged by the CPP standards.  The certification is maintained with ongoing educational credit hours that are required for renewal every three years.       



What this means to you!

Hiring a Certified Professional Photographer is quality insurance for you, as the client.  You know that you are working with a qualified professional, who will provide you with the highest quality.  More importantly, you will leave with images you love for years to come and for generations to enjoy. 


























































Congrats!!!! So proud of you!
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