Your Photography Session



The details of your photography session will be discussed during a phone, txt, or email consultation.  We want your photos to be personal, a reflection of you and your family. You may want something traditional, casual, or spontaneous.  We will work together to create a photography session that expresses the unique qualities of your family.


Your photo session will usually last about an hour and take place at the location of your choice.  I am happy to suggest location settings for you. Comfort and setting are very important for creating lasting memories.  You may have just the spot in mind, or we can brainstorm together for the ideal location. Props are encouraged! Bring your child's favorite toy, blanket, a game to make your photos unique to your family.  Most importantly, we will have fun. Taking your photo is what Monika loves to do. It's that simple.


A preview of your photos will be available within a week (often the same day!) after your session via a personal Client Access code.  From the gallery, you will receive your favorite digitally edited images on a personalized disc, drive, or open for download. The images are high resolution for creating quality prints.  Although you have the option to purchase prints and merchandise through us, you have full rights to copy and print your pictures as you wish from a printing center of your choice. Monika Cheang Photography, LLC. does not guarantee the print quality of the images through other printing labs.  Please ask the photographer for rates on specific products and merchandise for wall art and images.


Helpful Tips on what to wear


Clothing and colors are very important.  If you select and harmonize the right tones, fashions and background setting, your portrait will be pleasing to the eye, have a sense of harmony and balance, and will have the look and feeling of a masterpiece.

Be consistent.  In a family group, proper clothing coordination is critical.  Choose colors in the same tonal range so that no single member stands out.

  • Very simple garments and solid tones work best.

  • Whatever style you do choose, be it casual, semi-casual or formal, it is entirely personal and should reflect your taste.

  • There are really no colors that are preferred over others, and you can easily mix tones, but keep in mind that everything is consistent.  For example, if you were going with lighter colors and pastels, you can mix different shades of blues, yellows, green, whatever...the important thing to remember is that everyone is lighter or pastel.  Same guidelines apply for medium tones and dark tones.

AVOID: Busy patterns. They are very bright and distracting ie; horizontal or vertical stripes; plaids; appliqués; floral patterns; polka dots, etc.

AVOID: Big old running shoes and flip flops.

AVOID: Tinted glasses. Especially outdoors. It's impossible to see the eyes with them. If you can pop out the lenses or use an alternate pair, great!

AVOID: For men: that 5'oclock shadow.

AVOID: New haircuts. Stick with a cut that is a few days old and is tried and true.


Having said all that, wear what makes you feel good!


Print products include, but are not limited to:


paper prints, mountings, canvas, frames, canvas fine art prints, gallery wraps, standouts, gallery mats, print wraps, luxe greeting cards


Custom hard cover books, soft cover books, posters, custom image boxes, calendars, statuettes, magnets, stickers, accordion books, assembled albums, buttons, keychains, iphone covers, wall clings, etc.


Acrylic and metal prints, and metal murals


Terms & Conditions

i. Monika Cheang Photography, LLC. retains the copyright to all images produced.  Photos may be printed, duplicated or distributed by the Client. Photos may not be altered, edited or incorporated into new works without permission.

ii. Photos may be used for private and public use and distribution. Upon any public use, please credit Monika Cheang Photography, LLC. Use for publications is limited to those publications expressly agreed upon by client and photographer.

iii. Monika Cheang Photography, LLC.  reserves the right to withhold, distribute, copy, print and publish any image.